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From a first assessment to a realised process application

PCA Laboratories

Electromembrane processes provide an exciting alternative to traditional workup steps and synthesis. Commercial-scale membranes available from PCA offer previously unavailable process advantages. Selective transport and reduced waste can also be achieved with electromembrane processes. We are happy to provide you with a customized solution to bring you the benefits of electromembrane processes. Contact us.

PCA's experience lies in scaling-up electromembrane processes for commercial production. With PCA as your partner, your lab time is your time for your advanced, value-added research steps.
PCA accompany your engineering team from the first idea to the realised system.

In four steps to a process realisation:

PCA Assessment scheme

  • First process evaluation

    Before starting any practical action, we evaluate your process together with you. We bring our experience and your process knowledge together and develop an optimistic scenario for your application. We try to figure milestones and go-/no-go-criteria. When we both find out, that a technically and economic feasable process can be achieved, we can enter the second step:
  • Fundamental Screening and Analysis

    Using your preferred production parameters or conditions, PCA will test the process in our state-of-the-art labs to determine how well electromembrane processes satisfies your specific requirements. We will assess if the desired process will take place, what voltage is needed and what current efficiency will be expected, if membranes will be stable or if fouling will happens.
    The most important result is a sample of your process product, we obtained in our laboratory setups. If this sample satisfies your expectation, the final process product will do so, too.
  • Lab-scale Feasibility Testing

    After it has been determined that the process will proceed by our processes, PCA will optimize the reaction to determine how feasible the electromembrane process is compared with traditional routes.
  • Pilot Scale Trials

    PCA will scale up the electrochemical process to determine the commercial viability of the process. The result is a commercial process for the best obtainable results. We do the work so you don't have to.
  • Test us. Submit an Assessment Form to describe your application and to get a free assessment. Or contact our experts by email.


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