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Our state-of-the art laboratories for the evaluation of new applications.


Electrodialysis Laboratory Unit

Process Simulation with Laboratory- or Pilot Scale ED Plant
The optimum process conditions are determined in laboratory and pilot scale stacks at a laboratory test module, which enables to simulate the most technical relevant situations. The picture below shows a measuring unit with a small (10 cm x 10 cm) stack.

Electrochemical Membrane Characterization
Our laboratories are designed for the electrochemical characterization of membranes. This contributes to our qualtity control of our production as well as to the development of new membrane types or the determination of membrane stability in different application.
The electrochemical methods are for example:

  • Potentiometric measurement of membrane potentials
  • Measurement of ohms resistance of the membranes
  • Determination of the water content and ion exchange capacity
  • Determination of diffusion coefficient of e.g. acids through the membranes

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